Kylie’s Remixes Volume 2 (1992)

Kylie’s Remixes Volume 2 vyšlo v červenci 1992 v Japonsku a v Austrálii o rok později, tedy v květnu 1993.

Obsah alba

  1. Better the Devil You Know (U.S. remix)
  2. Step Back in Time (walkin‘ Rhythm mix)
  3. What Do I Have to Do? (Between the Sheets remix)
  4. Shocked (DNA 12″ mix)
  5. Word Is Out (12″ version)
  6. If You Were with Me Now (Extended version with Keith Washington)
  7. Keep on Pumpin‘ It (Angelic Remix)
  8. Give Me Just a Little More Time (12″ version)
  9. Finer Feelings (Brothers in Rhythm 12″ mix)
  10. Do You Dare? (NRG mix)
  11. Closer (The Pleasure mix)