Greatest Remix Hits 4 (1998)

Greatest Remix Hits 4 vyšlo 21. srpna 1998 a to pouze v Austrálii. Album obsahuje vzácné nebo předtím nedostupné remixy Kylieiných písní od roku 87 do roku 1992.

Obsah alba

CD 1

  1. What Do I Have to Do? (Movers and Shakers 12″ mix)
  2. The Loco-Motion (Girl Meets Boy mix)
  3. Made in Heaven (Heaven Scent 12″ mix)
  4. Wouldn’t Change a Thing (Espagna mix)
  5. Better the Devil You Know (Alternative 7″ mix)
  6. Things Can Only Get Better (Original 12″ mix)
  7. The Loco-Motion (Kohaku mix)
  8. Let’s Get to It (Tony King 12″ mix)
  9. What Kind of Fool (Heard All That Before) (Pete Waterman’s 12″ Master mix)

CD 2

  1. I Should Be So Lucky“(Extended mix)
  2. The Loco-Motion (7″ version)
  3. Hand on Your Heart (Smokin‘ remix)
  4. I Am the One for You
  5. Step Back in Time (Tony King remix)
  6. Too Much of a Good Thing (Original 12″ mix)
  7. If You Were with Me Now (Orchestral version with Keith Washington)
  8. Finer Feelings (Brothers in Rhythm Ambient reprise)
  9. Celebration (AKA Good Times mix)